Life list


  1. Move out
  2. Go parachute jumping
  3. Study abroad
  4. Become a Bachelor of Arts
  5. Become a Master of Arts
  6. Visit New York
  7. Eat a Mozart Kugel in Vienna…
  8. …and a hamburger in Hamburg
  9. Give a huge party for all of my friends
  10. Go busking
  11. Do (durable!) voluntary work for some time
  12. Visit the Berlin besties at their homes (0/4)
  13. Learn to play a new instrument
  14. Live abroad for some time (again)
  15. Find a grown up-job that makes me happy
  16. Put up my collection of bird postcards
  17. Go on holiday all by myself
  18. Learn a new language
  19. Take a singing lesson
  20. Learn sign language
  21. Sleep in the open air
  22. Write an entry for the Listserve
  23. Travel through eastern Europe by train
  24. Record a video song (“What you see is what you hear”)
  25. Sing a classical piece with a choir
  26. Dye my hair
  27. Ride a tandem
  28. Bake a Bossche bol
  29. Make a road trip
  30. Get my nose pierced
  31. Write a children’s book
  32. Play Canto Ostinato

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